Hezbollah Hits Hard Fatah Al-Sham’s Positions in Lebanon’s Arsal Region

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Lebanon’s Hezbollah Resistance Movement fighters opened heavy artillery fire at the strongholds of Fatah al-Sham Front (the newly formed al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group previously known as the al-Nusra Front) in the Eastern part of the country near the border with Syria, inflicting a heavy death toll on the militants.
Fatah al-Sham’s strongholds in Zahr al-Hawa heights in Jaroud of Arsal in Norther Beqaa were badly targeted by Hezbollah’s artillery units with scores of terrorists’ casualties.

In July, the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement hit the terrorists’ military positions in Lebanon’s Arsal region, killing several militants, including a senior commander.

Abu Khatab, ISIL’s commander in charge of military operations in the village of al-Qa’a in Arsal region, was killed in Hezbollah’s guided missile attack.

Scores of ISIL terrorists were also killed and wounded in Hezbollah’s missile attack.


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