Hamas: Palestinian refugees in Lebanon committed to right of return

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Hamas Movement reiterated Palestinians’ commitment to their right of return to their motherland. Hamas’s department of refugee affairs said in a statement to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the notorious Tel al-Zaatar massacre in Lebanon, Palestinians’ existence in Lebanese refugee camps is provisional and their return is just a matter of time. “The Palestinians will never forfeit their right to return to their native soil and liberate their land despite all the massacres perpetrated against the Palestinian people,” the statement read.

“The destruction of the Tel al-Zaatar refugee camp and the slaughter of its refugees served Israeli interests,” Hamas added. “Palestinian refugees have the right to inspect the deal following which the UNRWA gave up the shelter and never tried to bring back the refugees,” the group further stated. Hamas called for returning the bodies of slain refugees and burying them in “decent places.” Over 3,000 Palestinian refugees were slaughtered in a horrendous massacre at the Tel al-Zaatar refugee camp, to the northeast of Beirut on August 12, 1976.


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