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Hamas MP urges Palestinians to join forces against Israeli schemes


Hamas leader in the occupied West Bank, Basem al-Zaarir, on Monday called on the Palestinians to pool resources and embark on a unified national project so as to thwart Israeli plans to hold sway over Palestinian lands. AL-Zaarir said in a press statement Israel’s approval of a bid to pump 72 million shekels into illegal West Bank settlements is a message to all those who have been pursuing peace negotiations and foreign initiatives.

“The move has not been the only one of its kind, for the Israeli occupation has always backed up illegal settlement activity and infringed all treaties and international laws,” al-Zaarir added. He slammed the Israeli right-wing government for propping up extremism and flouting the international legitimacy. According to al-Zaarir, the parities who have been responsible for the failure of reconciliation talks have been, directly and indirectly, providing a cover to the Israeli assaults on the Palestinian people, land, and holy sites.

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