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Grand Mufti: Syria is mother for all citizens, the army is guarantee of victory

20140220-215713_h529296Grand Mufti of the Republic Dr. Ahmad Badr-Eddin Hassoun said that Syria is “the mother that forgives her sons and paves the way for them to be good citizens.”
The Mufti, meeting citizens who were evacuated recently from the Old city of Homs, pointed out that the sides and bodies, which misled the Syrian youths to sow seeds of sedition in the name of freedom and Islam, are implementing foreign agendas to destroy Syria.
He called on the youths who were evacuated from Old City of Homs to be useful citizens and return to their schools and work for building Syria.
For his part, Governor of Homs Talal al-Barazi affirmed that all citizens who were evacuated form the Old City of Homs are safe, adding that they will work to protect and build their own country.
Head of the UNHCR mission in Damascus, Tarek al-Kurdi, said that the exerted efforts by Homs governorate to restore those men to the country’s lap were so important.
He added that Homs governorate and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Organization provided the evacuated citizens with their basic needs.
In a similar meeting with the students and carders of al-Baath University in Homs, Grand Mufti stressed the role of the Syrian universities in enlightening the citizens’ thoughts for preserving Syria’s unity.
Hassoun said that Syria is being targeted due to its resistant role, adding that its enemies have sought to undermine its role through recruiting scores of Syrian and non-Syrian persons to be killing tools and sabotage in the name of Islam.
The Mufti added the Syrian Arab Army is the one which guarantees the victory of Syria against its enemies.
Syrian Social Nationalist Party: Armed terrorist groups represent other face of Zionism
A delegation of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party and a number of Lebanese political figures stressed their full support to Syria’s leadership and army in confronting terrorism to which it is exposed.
During a meeting with Homs governor Talal al-Barazi at Safeir Homs Hotel, Deputy chairman of SSNP Tawfiq Mhana affirmed that the Party is shouldering its responsibilities during this stage in Syria.
He stressed that Syria is confronting a global conspiracy , supported by Arab, regional and international forces in cooperation with cheap local tools to undermine Syria’s national and pan-Arab stances.
Mhana also affirmed the party’s support to Syria in confronting the armed terrorist groups which represent the other face of Zionism.
He appreciated the wisdom of Syria’s official delegation which took part in Geneva 2 conference, pointing out to the importance of national reconciliation which started to spread all over the Syrian areas.
For his part, governor of Homs affirmed the unity of destiny and culture between Syria and Lebanon, pointing out to the need for confronting terrorist and Takfiri mentality.
He added that the Syrian citizens have the will of repelling all forms of aggression on the country to remain the homeland which defends the Arab causes, particularly the Palestinian one.

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