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Exclusive+Photos:Refugees in Istanbul expelled from sate hostel in response to Syrians Vote in favour of Assad!



Real Face of zionist backed Syria friends(!) revealed: Poor Refugees in Istanbul expelled from sate hostel in response to Syrians Vote in favor of Assad! Turkey regime proved that its friendship and passion for Syrian refugees is fake and not never ending. After the harsh slap on US, israel, Qatar, KSA, Turkey regimes’ face by Syria nation in Syrian Presidency election, the quick response came from Turkey expressing why they hosted and spent millions of dollars till today. As soon as they lost hope of ousting Assad Regime, they expelled the Syrian Refugees from İstanbul’s Kizilay hostel in Pendik.

Refugees were left homeless of pavements with their bags. Some clashes erupted between Police forces and refugees. The refugees seeing the police force employed to throw them away from the hostel could not even resist to stop the cruel decision of Erdogan Regime.

People now questioning the warm and compassionate messages given by Davutoglu and Erdogan containing lots of humanity words. Some refugees implied that this inhuman treatment is just because of Syrian President Assad’s victory in the elections.

In the recent elections, despite rumors, 74,2% of the citizens joined elections and according to unofficial results 88,6 % of them elected Assad as President.

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