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East Ghouta Battle Map: Syrian Army Captures Zibdeen and Tal Al-Rayan

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Following their entry into the eastern corridor of Zibdeen, the Syrian Arab Army’s 4th Mechanized Division captured the rest of this village in the East Ghouta, killing scores of Jaysh Al-Islam (Army of Islam) militants and dismantling a multitude of IEDs and mines in the process. The 4th Division’s surprise attack on early Saturday morning overwhelmed the militants of Jaysh Al-Islam, who later found themselves disoriented, resulting in their subsequent withdrawal west.

On Saturday afternoon, Jaysh Al-Islam launched a counter-attack on the 4th Division’s positions inside of Zibdeen; it was initially successful, forcing the latter to retreat east – however, SAA reinforcements poured into the village and repelled the attack. According to a military source, over 40 militants from Jaysh Al-Islam were killed during the SAA’s offensive yesterday, including their field commander, Abu Mohammad Al-‘Adass.

The Syrian Arab Army’s 105th Brigade of the Republican Guard carried out a number of operations in southeast Jobar, while also targeting the ‘Ajnad Al-Sham headquarters that they later destroyed. Firefights are ongoing in the district, while the 105th Brigade seeks to reestablish control over the building blocks west of the strategic Teachers’ Tower.

Despite a brief offensive in Al-Rayan, the militants from Jaysh Al-Islam were unsuccessful in retaking control of this village located near Tal Kurdi in the East Ghouta. Earlier this week, the 105th Brigade captured Tal Al-Rayan – a hill located southwest of the village, lifting the brief Jaysh Al-Islam siege in Al-Rayan.

Identified militants from Jaysh Al-Islam killed in the East Ghouta:

1. Maher Mohammad Qashawa’a
2. Abu Mohammad Al-‘Adass
3. Fadi Al-‘Aqeeda
4. Mohammad Bilal Al-Qatima
5. Zaher Matawa’a
6. Khaled Jamaal Sawaan
7. Ma’an ‘Aboudeh
8. Nabeel ‘Adass
9. “Abu Al-Khateeb”
10. Safwan Shahada
11. ‘Adnan Majd Al-Mustafa

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