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Dozens of Lebanese Terrorists Killed in Syrian Town of Zara, Tripoli FB Pages Mourn Them

qatla (1)Dozens of Lebanese terrorists were killed Thursday after killed terrorists clashing with the Syrian army in the town of Zara in Homs, al-Akhbar newspaper reported.
The paper added that Tripoli Facebook pages mourned a number of them.
It is worth noting that those terrorists were killed during clashes between the opposition terrorist groups and the Syrian army on Thursday in the town of Zara in Homs.
The Facebook pages of the terrorist groups in Homs circulated the news about the progress of the Syrian army, adding that large number of militants were killed.
“The Syrian army controlled the eastern and the southern hills which overlook the town of Zara,” the pages noted.
“The opposition militants collapsed after 17 Syrian dissident soldiers surrendered.”
Al-Akhbar newspaper also mentioned that “40 militants tried to surrender to the Syrian army, yet other militants prevented him.”

Source: Al- Manar Website

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