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Dangerous Syrian fugitive arrest in Lebanon

356172_ARSAL-The Lebanese army has arrested a “dangerous” Syrian fugitive in the Bekaa border town of Arsal. Reports say a Lebanese State Security agent was arrested with him while trying to help him escape but was later released.
43 Syrian militants mostly from the al-Qaeda linked Nusra front have been arrested at Lebanese army checkpoints carrying false identification papers. The army entered Arsal after calls and protests by people of the area to stop the smuggling of militants responsible for bomb-laden cars and rocket firing from Arsal into neighboring Bekaa towns. Hundreds of militants have reportedly trespassed into Lebanese territory after losing several battles to the Syrian army in bordering areas the last of which was the strategic town of Yabroud. One undercover report shows tens of wounded militants being treated in the Arsal Hospital. Members of the Lebanese Parliament representing the Bekaa area say there should be a firmer stance from the Lebanese state: The Lebanese army has recently scattered checkpoints on the mountainous slopes of Arsal which start from where I’m standing right now. Despite the fact that several militants have been caught at some checkpoints, many still find remote areas of Arsal as safe havens and with no obvious political backing it seems it will be an uphill task for the army to clean-up the entire area of militants.

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