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Damascus is ready for another battle,which is being “disguised” by the Battle of the South


Syrian official sources considered that the southern front may be an attempt to disguise from another front, especially in light of the size of the media hype accompanying it.
As-Safir newspaper quoted the Syrian source as saying that in spite of Damascus’ expectations of escalation, the acceptance of what is being propagated by the media in different ways as becoming a foregone conclusion, is unacceptable.
The sources warned of other areas that could see an escalation by the militants and their supporters, reminding the section extending between Jobar, Harasta and Douma in Damascus East Gouta in addition to Hama countryside without canceling the danger that may come from al-Quneitra as a potential line for moving.
Sources believe that the appointment of Abdul Ilah al-Bashir is an indication of the deceptive tactics on the one hand, and a possibility to replace Daraa front with Golan front, which is more difficult. And the Syrian ambassador to Jordan Bahjat Suleiman wrote about the recent media hype, using the well-known Damascus proverb “the wedding is in Douma and the drums are in Harasta”.
The former General in the Syrian internal security apparatus considered that what is happening now «is a plan to establish a security zone along the Syrian-Israeli borders», and the USA will participate in this plan, pointing out that the purpose of this belt is to protect Israel, not to invade Damascus on a mission impossible, according to Suleiman.

Source: Breaking News Network

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