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“Cage Fight”: ISIS’ latest propaganda to attract more jihadis

A shocking video has been recently released by ISIS showing an MMA-style fight in a steel cage where young boys were forced to wrestle, punch and kick each other hard in order to ‘get tougher’ in battles they are being prepared to join in the future.

The video shows the coach (apparently an ISIS commander) training ‘the next generation of butchers’ on hand-to-hand combat techniques, watching them breaking tiles with their heads, beating them with a stick, and trampling on their stomachs while they lay motionless on the ground.

Experts say these releases aim to attract more fighters, especially those influenced by the global-wide MMA cage fights. Such videos are also part of the wider ‘Psychological Warfare’ mastered by the world-terror group to psychologically weaken their adversaries and give an impression of brutality and power.



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