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Battle for Aleppo City heats up as the Syrian Army counters


Jaysh Al-Fateh (Army of Conquest) launched a large-scale offensive inside Aleppo City on Sunday morning that targeted the southern and northern districts under the government’s control.

The purpose of this massive jihadist offensive was to lift the two-week long siege on the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo City; however, this has not been achieved as of yet.

Jaysh Al-Fateh did make a considerable number of gains on Sunday, capturing the 1070 Al-Hamdaniyah Housing Project, Al-‘Amariyah District, and the Hikmah School after a violent battle with the Syrian Armed Forces.

On Monday morning, the Syrian Armed Forces struck back against the jihadist rebels, firing a barrage of artillery shells and missiles towards their positions, while also attempting to recover the sites they lost yesterday.

According to the Aleppo-based journalist, Kinana Alloush, the Syrian Armed Forces cutoff the road between the Hikmah School and 1070 Housing Project, leaving Jaysh Al-Fateh besieged at the aforementioned site (this has not been confirmed by the Syrian Army).

Meanwhile, at the Sabiqiyah District, the Syrian Armed Forces repelled a major attack by the jihadist rebels, killing a large number of enemy combatants before securing all flanks.

Clashes are still ongoing between the opposing parties in southern Aleppo; however, the Syrian Armed Forces have taken the initiative to recapture the territory they lost.

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