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Amnesty International: Children Among 15 Civilians Summarily Killed by ISIL in Syria

183917_Damascus-300x150Amnesty International obtained details of a horrific raid in which 15 civilians, including seven children, were summarily killed on May 29 in a village in northern Syria, raising fears of further attacks against residents in the area, as it published on its website on Thursday.
Amnesty International wrote on its website that the killings in the village of al-Tleiliye in al Hassake governorate are believed to have been carried out by members of the so-called “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” [ISIL].
Sources in the area told Amnesty International that, apart from the likely motive and the fact that “ISIL” operates in the area, they believed “ISIL” was responsible because of the attire and behaviour of the perpetrators and the flag they were carrying.
Director of the Middle East and North Africa Programme at Amnesty International, Philip Luther, said that, “These cold-blooded killings serve as a bitter reminder of how complete impunity for the war crimes and crimes against humanity in Syria is fuelling brutality and inhumanity.”
“Amnesty International is calling on “ISIL,” as well as other armed groups and forces on all sides of the conflict, to respect the laws of armed conflict and put an immediate end to summary killings, torture and deliberate attacks on civilians,” he further added.
Luther further said that, “The attacks appear aimed at terrorizing and forcibly displacing the community living in the area…”
Moreover, Amnesty International is also urging the government of Turkey to investigate individuals on its territory – including members of “ISIL” – suspected of committing or ordering war crimes in al-Tleiliye and elsewhere in Syria. Wherever there is sufficient admissible evidence, suspected perpetrators should be brought to justice in fair trials.
It is also urging the Turkish government must also prevent the entry of fighters and arms flows to “ISIL” and to other armed groups committing serious violations of international humanitarian law in Syria.
Even more, Amnesty International also calls on Gulf states to publicly renounce the provision of financial or other support, including arms transfers to “ISIL” and other armed groups carrying out war crimes or grave human rights abuses in Syria.

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