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10 ways ISIL uses to gain billions of dollars annually

The ISIL has been selling smuggled Syrian oil in Turkey to earn $1 million every day, a Lebanese news website revealed, adding that there are ten more ways the terrorist group is using to make revenues and fund its operations.

10 ways ISIL uses to gain billions of dollars annually
Al-Khabar Press news website in a report on Sunday disclosed 10 ways that the ISIL is receiving huge amounts of money for its terrorist acts in Syria, Iraq and other regional states.

1. Selling oil through the Turkish cities of Batman and Gaziantep with the help of four Turkish firms and gaining $1mln a day.

2. Selling Syria’s ancient monuments through the Turkish territories to make a $7bln wealth to this day.

3. Selling the body organs of slain terrorists, people and opposition forces to European body part traffickers and businessmen via Turkey.

4. Making lucrative deals for releasing the hostages.

5. Selling non-Muslim women.

6. Selling the antique manuscripts and artifacts stolen from Syria and Iraq.

7. Selling intelligence gained from Syria and Iraq to the Turkish spy agencies.

8. Financial and logistical aids received from the Turkish intelligence services during the occupation of Kobani.

9. Aid and assistance received from the Turkish charities

10. Receiving over $1 billion in profit annually for deliveries of Afghan heroin, according to the head of Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service (FSKN) Viktor Ivanov. (FNA)

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