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Zionist Settlers Voice Fear as Hezbollah Steps Up Strikes against ‘israeli’ Border Sites

Israeli settlers’ level of anxiety has risen as Hezbollah escalate attacks against Israeli sites alo...

Hebrew media reported on Friday that a senior Israeli military official held a meeting with the mayors of northern settlements in the Zionist entity, a day after Hezbollah staged nine qualitative operations, inflicting losses upon the occupation forces.

Kiryat Shmona Mayor Avichai Stern was quoted by the Hebrew media as saying during the meeting that the level of anxiety among Israeli settlers in Kiryat Shmona has risen.

The Israeli mayor cited “hysterical calls” by the Israeli settlers who expressed fear that “they will be asked to return to the north at any moment,” according to Hebrew media.

“The Israeli army leaders need to speak less and do more,” it quoted the mayor as saying.

Hezbollah Strikes

Hezbollah staged on Thursday nine operations against Israeli border sites, a summary provided by the Lebanese resistance group’s Military Media announced.

The first strike at 8:35 Islamic Resistance fighters targeted the headquarters of Eastern Brigade 769, affiliated with Galilee 91 Division, in Kiryat Shmona barracks with appropriate weapons.

Israeli media announced that the strike injured three Zionist troops, including an officer with serious wounds.

Simultaneously, another missile strike was carried out on the Branit barracks, resulting in direct hits.

Then at 12:20, the Islamic Resistance fighters targeted Ma’aleh Golan barracks with two “Falaq” missiles, causing direct hits.

At 13:40, the artillery unit in the Islamic Resistance targeted Al-Radar site in the occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms, achieving direct hits.

The fifth strike, at 14:10, saw the Islamic Resistance fighters targeted a building in Mutela settlement housing enemy soldiers with appropriate weapons, causing direct hits, Hezbollah’s Military Media said, noting that the strike was, in response to Israeli attacks on villages and civilian homes in south Lebanon.

Later 16:18, Islamic Resistance fighters targeted the Israeli emplacement of Al-Zaoura with missile weapons, achieving direct hits.

Few minutes later, at 16:35, the Islamic Resistance fighters targeted Birket Risha site with two Burkan missiles, causing direct hits.

At 19:30, the Islamic Resistance fighters targeted Meron Air Base with Falaq missiles, causing direct hits, “in response to the Zionist attacks on Lebanese villages and civilians, including the recent aggression on Nabatieh city,” the statement read.

The final strike on Thursday took place at 23:00, when the Islamic Resistance fighters targeted the command headquarters of the Third Infantry Brigade at Ein Zeitim Base with dozens of Katyusha rockets, “in response to targeting villages, especially the recent aggression on Nabatieh city.”

An Israeli drone strike on the southern city of Nabatieh injured three Lebanese citizens on Thursday, in an aggression seen as an escalation since the aforementioned city located some 15 kms away from the border with occupied Palestine.

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