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Zionist ‘israeli’ regime kill Maryam and Abdullah after 3 days of marriage

The zionist occupation forces did not give much time for the newlyweds, Abdullah Abu Nahel and Maryam Al-Deeb, to fulfill their dreams and celebrate their wedding.

After three days of being married, the Israeli missiles killed the remnants of joy and dreams that Abdullah and Maryam experienced after their marriage. They were envisioning a brighter future after the war.

An incomplete joy
Abdullah and Maryam were displaced along with around 20 members of their family, the Abu Nahel family, in the city of Rafah. The Israeli army declared it a safe area and asked the residents of the Gaza Strip to seek refuge there, only to target them there.

The bride and groom, along with some members of their family, were martyred last Saturday when Israeli warplanes targeted a shelter where they sought refuge in the Al-Adas area, north of Rafah.

Maryam’s father appeared sad near the place where his daughter was targeted, saying, “The (Israeli) occupation did not give her anything for her joy. Her wedding was two days before the bombing.”

He noted that his daughter was a third-year student and excelled at the Islamic University. She was one of the top students and a memorizer of the Quran.

One of the grieving family members said, “About 23 members of the Abu Nahel family sought refuge in the city of Rafah in search of a safe place, as Israeli shelling intensified in the northern areas of the Strip.”

Details of the massacre

He added that they sought refuge in a family chalet in the Al-Adas area, east of Rafah, and they were waiting for the end of the war to return to their homes. However, the occupation army surprised them with an airstrike that led to the martyrdom and loss of everyone inside.

Journalist Hani Al-Shaer pointed out that among the martyrs were the two newlyweds, who had been married for only three days. The Israeli bombardment ended their joy and the dreams they had planned together to achieve.

Rescue teams only found seven martyrs, according to Al-Shaer, while the fate of the remaining displaced individuals is unknown.

The recorded video showed the immense destruction that turned the place into craters in the ground due to the savage shelling.

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