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Yemen’s S. Al-Houthi: Israel-bound Vessels Under our Reach as Long as Gaza is Besieged

Yemen's Ansarullah movement leader, Sayyed Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi, has urged the Yemeni pop...

Yemen’s Ansarullah movement leader, Sayyed Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi, has urged the Yemeni populace to participate in a street demonstration scheduled for Friday. In his address on Thursday, where he discussed the recent developments, Sayyed Al-Houthi emphasized the significance of the upcoming massive march, stating, “The million-strong demonstration is integral to our present stance, which centers on fulfilling our duty of Jihad.”

Furthermore, he addressed Yemeni communities in the US or Europe to mobilize effectively, hoping that Yemeni communities abroad would demonstrate a high level of engagement comparable to the notable commitment exhibited by their compatriots back home.

He highlighted the imperative for ongoing demonstrations across the world, including Western countries in Europe and America. Al-Houthi stressed that Arab and Islamic communities should “take the lead in mobilizing those who still possess a sense of humanity to participate in impactful demonstrations in support of the Palestinian people.”

Israel-bound Vessels Under our Reach Speaking about the Yemeni Armed Forces’ resolute decision to target any vessels bound for Israel in the Red Sea, Sayyed Al-Houthi remarked, “This stance has infuriated our enemies to the extent that it is no longer tolerable for them. It has become a significant problem and a genuine source of pressure on the Zionist enemy.”

He highlighted that the Americans, the British, and the Israelis violated Yemen’s sovereignty, engaging in a direct conflict with our nation.

Sayyed Al-Houthi also underscored that the aggression against Yemenis is a clear violation and a direct assault on Yemen’s sovereignty, constituting an act of aggression against the entire Yemeni population.

Pointless Classification

Sayyed Al-Houthi ridiculed the recent US classification as funny, stating, “The sponsor of Zionist crimes, morally bankrupt and embracing deviance, dares to classify others!” He emphasized that the US stance does not instill fear, have an impact, or disrupt the resolve of Yemenis.

Pointing out the irony, he said, “The aggressor for 9 years, launching naval attacks, now labels the attacked party as terrorists.” Al-Houthi asserted that the core of crime, terrorism, and tyranny is the United States, which lacks the qualifications to pass judgment on others.

Undeterred, he declared, “We will persist in targeting ships linked to Israel and launching missiles toward the occupied territories of Palestine until the aggression and siege on Gaza end.”

Since early October, the United States and its Western allies have backed Israel’s military campaign, widely criticized as genocidal, amid ongoing hostilities. In solidarity with Palestinians, Yemen’s Armed Forces and Ansarullah have targeted Israeli ships in the Red Sea and those heading to Israeli ports, following numerous warnings.

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