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Yemeni Armed Forces Target British Ship in Red Sea and US Drone Above Saada Governorate

The Yemeni Armed Forces have targeted a British oil vessel in the Red Sea and shot down a US MQ9 drone above Saada Governorate. According to spokesperson Yahya Saree, the naval forces successfully hit the British vessel with suitable missiles, causing significant damage.

This latest attack comes after a series of recent operations by the Yemeni Armed Forces in solidarity with Palestine, targeting vessels linked to Israeli and American interests. Just two weeks ago, the Yemeni forces struck Israeli vessels MSC DARWIN and MSC GINA in the Gulf of Aden, followed by an attack on the American ship MAERSK YORKTOWN.

The Yemeni armed forces have been escalating their actions in the region, as a response to ongoing aggression against the Yemeni people and in solidarity with the Palestinian people in Gaza. The recent targeting of the British ship and US drone is further proof of their determination to defend their sovereignty.

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