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“We targeted 2 American warships and 3 ships”

A spokesperson of the Yemeni Armed Forces said Monday that their forces targeted 2 American warships and 3 ships.

Brigadier General Yahya Saree, spokesperson of the Yemeni Sanaa-based government’s Armed Forces said in a statement on Monday “We carried out 3 joint operations against 3 ships in the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea. We targeted the American ship LAREGO DESERT and the Israeli ship MSC MECHELA in the Indian Ocean. The MINERVA LISA ship, which violated the ban on entering the occupied Palestinian ports, was also targeted in the Red Sea.”

“Two unparalleled operations were carried out against 2 American destroyers in the Red Sea. Naval, missile and drone operations successfully achieved their goals,” the Yemeni military spokesman said.

We will continue to help the oppressed Palestinian nation as long as the attacks on the Gaza Strip and the siege of the Palestinian nation in the enclave have not stopped.”

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