VIDEO: Khan Younis Ambush: Al-Qassam Smashed Zionist Commando Forces just before Withdrawal from South Gaza

The zionist regime decision to withdraw most troops from South Gaza on Sunday was very surprising; however, if the battlefield situation gets exposed to the public, the surprise will vanish.




One day before the Zionist withdrawal, Al-Qassam fighters dealt a major blow to an Israeli commando force in Khan Younis, killing a large number of troops and destroying their vehicles.

The video, released by Hamas military media, displays Al-Qassam fighters’ preparations for the attack by planting explosives and deploying troops.

Then, it shows how the ambushed soldiers were shot dead and sniped by the Palestinian resistance fighters who also detonate a booby-trapped house after a number of the enemy soldiers resorted to.

Finally, the video shows the enemy soldiers carrying the dead bodies and dragging the destroyed vehicles.

Israeli occupation launched aggressive raids on several areas across Gaza central and southern areas on Tuesday, the 188th day of the Zionist war on the Strip.

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