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UN experts slam Israel’s use of AI to commit ‘domicide’ in Gaza

UN experts say the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and related military directives by Israel in the besieged Gaza strip is leading to an unprecedented toll on the civilian population and infrastructure.

In a joint statement released in the Swiss city of Geneva on Monday, the experts deplored Israel’s reported use of AI and relative military directives in the besieged Palestinian territory “leading to an unprecedented toll on the civilian population, housing, vital services and infrastructure.”

“Six months into the current military offensive, more housing and civilian infrastructure has now been destroyed in Gaza as a percentage, compared to any conflict in memory,” the statement read.

According to the experts, the systematic and widespread destruction of housing, services and civilian infrastructure represents a crime against humanity.

“Homes are gone, and with that, the memories, hopes and aspirations of Palestinians and their ability to realize other rights, including their rights to land, food, water, sanitation, health, security and privacy (especially of women and girls), education, development, a healthy environment and self-determination. And this comes on top of systematic demolitions of Palestinian homes over decades of occupation and previous bombardments.”

Widespread destruction in Gaza has put the concept of ‘domicide’ in focus in recent months. The concept is increasingly accepted in academia but is not a distinct crime against humanity under international law.

The UN special rapporteur on the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Francesca Albanese, recently described domicide, as well as numerous war crimes and acts of genocide in her report to the Human Rights Council.

Israel used one of its biggest, most destructive bombs in south Gaza: Report

Israel used one of its biggest, most destructive bombs in south Gaza: Report

Israel has used one of its biggest and most destructive bombs in an area designated safe for civilians in southern Gaza, a report says.


“If proven true, the shocking revelations of the use of AI systems by the Israeli military such as ‘Gospel’, ‘Lavender’ and ‘Where’s Daddy?’, combined with lowered human due diligence to avoid or minimize civilian casualties and infrastructure, contribute to explaining the extent of the death toll and home destruction in Gaza.”

A recent joint report by the World Bank and the United Nations showed Israel’s genocidal war in Gaza had generated damages of around $18.5 billion critical infrastructure.

The damages are equivalent to 97 percent of the combined GDP of the occupied West Bank and Gaza in 2022.

More than half of the territory’s population is on the brink of famine.

The report also said over 70 percent of the Palestinians in Gaza have been displaced.


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