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Top commander: Iran’s response to any aggression will be much heavier

Referring to IRGC’s successful operation against operation against Israel regime, the Chief of Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces warned that Iran’s response to any aggression will be much heavier.

Referring to IRGC’s drones and missiles attack against occupied lands in response to the Israeli terrorist attack on Iran’s consulate building in Syria on April 1, the Chief of Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Bagheri said, “A significant number of drones and cruise and ballistic missiles were used in Iran’s operation.”

With the use of well-thought-out tactics and proper design, neither the Iron Dome nor the missile defense of the Zionist regime could significantly counter this operation, General Bagheri said, adding that the operation achieved its goals.

The United States declared that it was not aware of the Zionist regime’s attack on Iran’s consulate in Damascus, Bagheri said, adding that but in fact, the operation was carried out with the US’s green light.

The US declares that it is not looking for the development of tension in the region, but our information indicates that it tried with all his might in the space of Iraq and Jordan to neutralize this operation, he said, adding that but the US failed and the operation achieved its goals.

This operation has achieved its goals and there is no intention to continue it, Bagheri said, adding, “But if the Zionist regime takes action against Iran’s soil or in Iran’s centers in Syria or another country, our next operation will be bigger.”

This operation was carried out by IRGC but other armed forces are ready to act if necessary, he said, adding that, “We could carry out an operation ten times bigger but we tried to make it a punishment.”

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