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Three patients get new lease of life with organs of Kerman terror attack victim

Three Iranian patients get a new lease of life with the donated organs of a police officer, a victim of a recent terrorist attack in the southeastern city of Kerman.

Mohammad Ali Ziaoddini, a police officer serving in Kerman Province, sustained serious injuries in the head as he was on mission when two terrorist bombings were carried out near the burial site of Iran’s late anti-terror commander Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani during a ceremony marking the fourth anniversary of his martyrdom on January 3.

An official in charge of the organ harvesting unit at Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Peyman Karnama, said on Thursday that after a five-member medical team confirmed Ziaoddini’s brain death, all the necessary measures were taken to ensure the health of his vital organs.

With permission of his family, Ziaoddini’s kidneys will be transplanted into two patients and his liver will also be transferred to the city of Shiraz for transplantation, he added.

At least 94 people lost their lives in the twin blasts, which were claimed by the US-backed Daesh Takfiri group.

Mohammad Saberi, the head of Kerman emergency services, said on Thursday that the number of those injured in the incident has decreased to 41 as others have been discharged from hospitals, adding that 13 injured people are currently treated in the intensive care unit (ICU).

Also on Wednesday, the body organs of another victim of the attack, who was injured in the skull, were also donated to patients after the consent of his family.

Earlier, the heart, kidneys and liver of another female victim of the terrorist incident were donated to four needy patients.

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