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This year’s Quds Day will be an international outcry against usurping Zionist regime

In a meeting with the heads of Iran’s three branches of government and a group of current and former government officials, Imam Khamenei, Leader of the Islamic Revolution, underscored the importance of ensuring that the issue of Gaza is kept as the priority of the world’s public opinion.
Imam Khamenei made the remarks in the Imam Khomeini Hussainiyah on April 3, 2024. During the meeting, he described the crimes of the Zionist regime such as genocide and mass killings and attacks against women and children, patients and hospitals as unprecedented in contemporary history. He asserted that the magnitude of the crimes is so immense that even individuals raised in Western culture, Europe and the US have cried out in protest.

The Leader reflected on the Gaza war of the past six months, noting that the Zionist regime suffered two major defeats. The first occurred on October 7, 2023 during the Al-Aqsa Flood, where the regime’s claims of intelligence and military superiority were denied by a Resistance group with limited resources. “This defeat and humiliation of the Zionist regime has been irreparable and it will never be repaired,” he stated.

Imam Khamenei described the second defeat of the Zionists as a failure in achieving the goals that they declared in the Gaza attack. In this regard, he pointed out that the Zionists benefit from comprehensive military, financial and political support from the US, including the vetoing of resolutions and falsely labeling the latest resolution as non-binding. He added that despite all this support, the Zionists have failed to achieve any of their stated goals.

Imam Khamenei noted that, “They sought to destroy and cripple the Resistance, in particular, Hamas. However, today, Hamas, the Islamic Jihad and the entirety of Resistance in Gaza are striking a blow against the usurper regime by enduring the difficulties they encounter.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution considered the ferocity and massacre of innocent women and children to be the result of the Zionists’ helplessness in the face of Resistance fighters. “The Zionists’ defeat will definitely continue. These desperate efforts, like what they did in Syria, for which they will certainly be punished, will not solve their problems,” he asserted.

Imam Khamenei emphasized that it is not possible to save the Zionists from the trap they have fallen into from their own creation, adding that, “The Zionist regime will grow weaker day by day, moving closer to its decline and extinction.” He expressed hope that the youth of today will witness the liberation of Holy Quds and be able to say their prayers there, while also envisioning a future where the Islamic world can rejoice in the destruction of Israel.

Elsewhere in his speech, Imam Khamenei regarded the establishment of the Islamic Republic as a significant opportunity for the Islamic world. He highlighted the increasing power of the Islamic system and the weakness of its enemies, stating, “Regional calculations and the status of the Resistance Front and the opposite front have changed following the Al-Aqsa Flood and will continue to transform even more so in the future.”

In this regard, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution added that the enemies of “Islam and the Resistance and the Islamic Republic of Iran” should realize that while it is inevitable for them to surrender to these changes, they will not be able to exert dominance in this region within the framework of Islamic society.

While pointing to the upcoming International Quds Day, he emphasized that this year’s rally will serve as a global outcry against the usurping Zionist regime. “This year’s Quds Day will be an international outcry against the usurping Zionist regime. In previous years Quds Day was only observed in Islamic countries. [But] this year, most likely Quds Day will be held with magnificence in non-Islamic countries too, God willing. We hope, God willing, the people of Iran will shine on this day, as they have shone on all other occasions.” he remarked.

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