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Tehran: West Unable to Hinder Iran’s Space Progress

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kana’ani condemned a meddlesome statement by the European troika over Tehran’s recent launch of an indigenous satellite, stressing that such a self-centered attitude can’t hamper the country’s determination to advance in the space field.

“Achieving scientific and research breakthroughs is among Iran’s inalienable and legitimate rights,” Kana’ani said on Saturday.

He added that such an interventionist comment, which indicates “the self-oriented approach” of the UK, France and Germany vis-à-vis Tehran’s progress, won’t undermine the country’s will to make steady headway in the science and technology sphere, stressing, “Iran faces no restrictions in furthering its space research”.

On January 20, Iran successfully launched its domestically-manufactured “Sorayya” satellite into orbit on the back of a homegrown carrier named “Qa’em 100”, and put it in an orbit at 750 kilometers above the surface of the earth in 11 minutes. A day later, the Iran Space Agency (ISA) announced that the satellite has been successful in accomplishing its mission as signals were transmitted to Earth.

Iran has taken giant strides in the field of science of technology in recent years, despite US sanctions and threats, and is among the world’s top 10 states capable of building and launching satellites. Iranian officials say Tehran should access all aspects of space technology in various cultural, scientific, economic and defense fields, and no resolution prevents the country from continuing its space program.

The foreign ministry spokesperson reaffirmed Iran’s right to use peaceful technologies in the path of scientific-research development “in accordance with international standards and regulations”.

“Iran doesn’t care about certain states’ unilateral decisions and actions seeking to impose their opinions on others,” he stated.

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