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Syria condemns US aggression on eastern region, rejects American Administration’s lies to justify the attack

Damascus, SANA- Syria condemned on Saturday the US new attack on the eastern region Saturday dawn, saying it categorically rejects all lies promoted by the US administration to justify this attack.

“It is not surprising that the American attack targets the eastern region of Syria, where our Syrian forces are fighting against the remnants of Daesh terrorist organization, while the United States is working to revive ISIS terrorist activity,” Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said in a statement Saturday.

The statement added that today’s attack on Syrian territory adds to the US record of violations against Syria’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, and the safety of its people, proving once again that it is the main source of global instability and that its military forces threaten international peace and security and ignites conflict in the region.

“The Syrian Arab Republic expresses its deep concern over the state of paralysis of the UN Security council as the US hinders its ability to assume it responsibilities in halting such dangerous violations,” the statement added.

Fedaa al-R0hayiah/ Mazen Eyon

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