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Sana’a govt. proud to be part of Axis of Resistance, Iran plays key role in supporting Palestine: Yemeni PM

The Yemeni prime minister says the Sana’a-based National Salvation Government takes great pride in being part of the Axis of Resistance against the usurping Israeli regime, stressing that Iran plays a key role in providing unwavering support for Palestine and its oppressed nation.

“It’s a matter of pride for the Sana’a government to be part of the Axis of Resistance. Iran plays an important role in supporting the Palestinian nation, and Tehran and Sana’a share a common concern in this regard,” Abdulaziz bin Habtoor said on Sunday.

He added that some Arab states, with wide ranges of munitions and military hardware in their inventories, have not taken any measure in support of Palestine.

This is while Yemeni Armed Forces have employed weapons at their disposal to launch anti-Israeli strikes in solidarity Palestinians in the occupied territories, bin Habtoor pointed out.

The Yemeni prime minister went on to state that Yemeni naval units are strongly present in the Red Sea and the Arab Sea, and prevent Israeli commercial ships as well as merchant vessels affiliated to the occupying regime from sailing in the water bodies.

“We have been able to have a presence in the Red Sea and the Arab Sea. Such deployment has now extended to the Mediterranean Sea in support of the residents of Gaza,” he highlighted.

Bin Habtoor further noted that Yemeni forces have carried out the least of their duties towards Palestinians, who have suffered the most and fallen victim at the hands of Israel for the past 75 years.

“The Axis of Resistance is the only front that will guarantee restoration of the rights of Palestinian people,” he underscored.

Bin Habtoor once again extended his heartfelt condolences to the Iranian government and nation over the passing of President Ebrahim Raeisi, who lost his life alongside seven others in a helicopter crash in northwest Iran on May 19.

“We decided to postpone ceremonies for the Unity Day of Yemen – a national holiday celebrated annually on May 22 – over the tragic incident. The Sana’a government has done elaborate preparations for the event,” he stated.

The Yemeni Armed Forces have staged numerous pro-Palestinian strikes since October 7, when the Israeli regime began the Gaza war.

American and British warships have been carrying out attacks against the Arab Peninsula nation as means of trying to halt strikes that it has been conducting against Israeli vessels or those heading towards the ports lying in the occupied Palestinian territories.

At least 35,984 Palestinians have been killed and 80,643 others wounded in the brutal Israeli military onslaught that was launched following Al-Aqsa Storm, a retaliatory operation staged by Gaza’s resistance groups.

The US has been the main supporter of Israel, proving it with munitions and political support in its brutal war on Gaza. Washington has also used its veto power to protect Israel against UN resolutions.

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