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Resistance MP Raad to Israeli Enemy: Beware of Miscalculation, Graveyards Waiting for You in Lebanon

Head of Loyalty to Resistance parliamentary bloc stressed that Hezbollah confronted the Israeli aggression on Lebanon and warned the enemy against any miscalculation.

“Beware of miscalculation; beware of moving your madness from Gaza to Lebanon where graveyards are waiting for you,” MP Raad said.

Addressing Hezbollah ceremony held in Nabatiyeh to honor the martyr Ali Salman Shaar, MP Raad affirmed Hezbollah has so far shown the enemy a small part of its might and is ready to display all its might.

MP Raad indicated that Hezbollah border offensive is aimed at protecting Lebanon from the Israeli enemy and supporting Gaza against the Israeli aggression, adding that our support to Gaza has voiced a call on the whole world that the Strip will not be left alone in face of the Zionist barbarism.

The Lebanese lawmaker pointed out that the enemy has failed to achieve the targets of its war on Gaza, adding that this failure confused the political and military circles in the occupation entity.

MP Raad emphasized that the Israeli threats are aimed at reassuring the Zionist settlers to return to the northern settlements, adding that there will never be a solution at the expense of Lebanon’s stability and sovereignty.

The Americans are fruitlessly attempting to stop the collapse path of the Zionist entity, MP Raad said.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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