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Raeisi slams regional governments for keeping up relations with ‘israel’

Iranian President Ebrhaim Raeisi has slammed some governments in the West Asia region for failing to cut their relations with Israel despite the regime’s continued onslaught on the Palestinians in Gaza.

Raeisi said in a Saturday meeting with Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani that governments in the region are in fact funding the Israeli war on Gaza by maintaining their economic relations with the Tel Aviv regime.

“One should see what answer some Arab and Muslim governments have for their nations for the indifference to the genocide of the oppressed people of Palestine,” he said in the meeting which was held on the sidelines of a major energy summit in Algiers, Algeria.

Raeisi said the governments that insist on keeping up relations with Israel amid the Gaza war will finally “receive a slap in the face” because of their wrong decisions.

He said the inaction on Gaza gives the Israeli regime and its main supporter the United States enough time to continue committing crimes in Gaza.

The Iranian president is in Algiers to attend the seventh summit of the leaders of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum, a major international energy bloc where Iran and Qatar are among key members because of their vast natural gas resources.

Iran has supported Qatar’s role as a mediator in negotiations in recent months that have been aimed at working out a ceasefire in Gaza.

In the meeting with Sheikh Tamim on Saturday, Raisi described bilateral relations between Iran and Qatar as “good” and said the two countries should work for a speedier implementation of agreements they have signed in the past.

Sheikh Tamim, for his part, said the Qatari government is proud of the fact that relations between the Arab country and Iran are at their “best ever”.

He said that a brutal attack by the Israeli regime on Thursday in Gaza that killed more than 100 people waiting to receive humanitarian aid will not be deleted from the historical memory of the world.

During his stay in Algiers on Saturday, President Raeisi also met with presidents of Tunisia, Mozambique and Iraq.

In his meeting with Tunisia’s Kais Saied, the Iranian president said Tehran is ready to supply scientific and technological know-how to Tunisia as part of its plans to expand economic relations with Muslim countries, especially those in North Africa.

Raeisi said in the meeting with Mozambique’s Filipe Nyusi that Iran is keen to activate an intergovernmental economic committee with the East African country to help expand bilateral relations.

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