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Pro-Palestine protests: Raeisi says world witnessing conflict between current of honor, evil

Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi has characterized the growing student protests against the Israeli regime in the United States and Europe as a clash between two currents of "honor" and "evil" in the West.

Addressing a cabinet session on Sunday, Raeisi expressed deep regret over the crackdown on student protests at campuses across the United States and some Western countries in support of the Palestinian people.

He added that the West has concealed its “authoritarian and anti-human rights” face behind deceptive slogans and claimed to defend such values.

However, he emphasized, that Israel’s war on Gaza during the last seven months lifted the veil on the West’s facade.

Raeisi said the US and West failed to respect university students, professors, scientific and research centers as well as freedom of expression and the press and violated human rights.

Such incidents exposed the true nature of the Western civilization to the world and proved the correctness of Iran’s position on the West’s false claims about defense for human rights and freedom, he noted.

The Iranian president expressed confidence that the wise presence and resistance of the American and Western students will have effective deterrence in the face of Israel’s crimes and the US support.

He reiterated that Iran pursues a supportive approach to the scientific and cultural currents’ moves against the Israeli regime.

Raeisi hoped that the message of solidarity and support of the Iranian students and professors would cause more motivation among the US and Western students to protect the rights of the oppressed Palestinian people.

The American students began their protests on April 18, raging against the war and Washington’s generous support for the brutal military onslaught that has so far claimed the lives of at least 34,683 Palestinians, mostly women and children.

Cracking down on the demonstrations, the US police have so far arrested about 2,400 people during pro-Palestinian protests at 47 college campuses across the country.

Many reputable Iranian universities have offered to provide favorable educational circumstances to students who have been expelled from US colleges for protesting over the ongoing US-backed Israeli genocide against the Gaza Strip.

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