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President al-Assad: small enterprises more appropriate for Syrian financial and economic environment

Damascus, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad’s dialogue with representatives of the Social Solidarity and Development Fund, in the presence of a wide group of the Fund’s beneficiaries, focused on the Fund’s development experience in light of the economic and living challenges witnessed by Syria and many countries of the world.

President al-Assad said on Tuesday that the small enterprises are the basic portal of the economy and its most important development tools.

The President stressed that small projects are more appropriate for the Syrian economic and financial environment as they open the way for horizontal expansion to empower the largest number of Syrians economically, unlike large investments that need a more complex environment and greater requirements.

President al-Assad referred to the importance of efforts to establish development funds similar to the Solidarity one to support the youth and their job opportunities and production, thus they become able to face the challenges of livelihood and support comprehensive economic development.

The President added that the importance of the Fund’s experience stems economically from the idea of small and micro enterprises, which represent an approach by the state, which is working today to establish its foundations, legal requirements, administrative and regulatory environment.

President al-Assad talked about the concept of social justice as a title that shapes the identity of the social economic direction for the next stage and its relationship to the concepts of citizenship, identity and belonging, and the necessity of society, in all its segments, to assume its responsibilities as a partner of the state in building policies and programs.

A number of proposals were discussed to provide the most important and appropriate administrative and legal requirements.

Beneficiaries from the Social Solidarity and Development Fund programs presented their experience and the most prominent challenges facing small projects, presenting many suggestions as solutions to those challenges.

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