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President al-Assad chairs a government meeting to discuss policies on supporting small enterprises

Damascus, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad chaired Saturday a small government meeting to discuss policies on supporting and developing small enterprises that form the basis of the economies of most countries in the world because they directly affect the standard of living and the productive capacity of the social segments working on these projects.


For years, the Syrian State has been working to encourage small enterprises as carriers of the Syrian economy, however, the absence of sound administrative structures prevented achieving the desired objective in terms of having a comprehensive environment at the level of the plans, the administrations and the required structure.

President al-Assad stressed on correcting the structures and developing the organizational structure of the existing institutions and bodies concerned with investment and small and micro- enterprises, to be able to implement the necessary policies to create, promote and develop small enterprises so that they can grow and then transform into medium and large enterprises, with the ultimate goal of reactivating the Syrian economy.

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