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Palestinian resistance will not yield to political pressure, machinations: Hamas

A senior Hamas official says the Palestinian resistance movement will not surrender to political pressure in ceasefire talks with the Israeli regime, stressing that Tel Aviv and Washington will not be able to compensate for their loss in the ongoing war on the besieged Gaza Strip through trickery and machinations.

Osama Hamdan, the movement’s representative in Lebanon, made the remarks at a ceremony in Beirut on Monday as negotiations are underway in the Egyptian capital of Cairo over a truce agreement seeking to put an end to five months of Israel’s US-backed war on Gaza.

Israel has reportedly imposed “many obstacles” on the path to reaching a truce deal, with the most contentious issue in the talks being the withdrawal of the Israeli forces from Gaza, the return of displaced Palestinians to the northern parts of the territory, and the lifting of the crippling siege on the territory.

Hamdan said the Palestinian resistance is committed to its principles and warned Israel and the United States that Hamas would not yield to their political deception and pressure.

“With the continued steadfastness and resistance in the field, we assure the Zionists and their American partner that what is not done in the field will not be fulfilled by political machinations,” Hamdan said.

“No matter what forms of deception and pressure are employed, the resistance will remain faithful to its sacrifices and adhere to the principles of its people and nation.”

The Hamas official stressed, “Any flexibility shown by the Palestinian resistance in negotiations out of concern for the blood of the Palestinian people and with the aim of putting an end to their great pain and sacrifices will be commensurate with its complete readiness to defend our people.”

Hamdan said the Palestinian resistance succeeded in thwarting the US administration’s plans to “liquidate the Palestinian issue,” adding, “The resistance, through its actions and sacrifices in the battlefield and support in Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, and Iran, has formed a solid structure in confronting the Zionist entity.”

Pointing to Israel’s inhuman siege on Gaza, Hamdan called on the Arab and Islamic nations to take the initiative in breaking what he called the “starvation conspiracy” against the besieged Palestinian territory and its north, in particular.

The Hamas official underlined the need for sustainable support of efforts aimed at ending the suffering of the people of Gaza and urged the Arab and Muslim world to “impose a siege on Israel.”

Hamdan said it is Muslim nations’ duty to side with the Palestinian people and the resistance in their fight against the Israeli occupation.

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