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Palestinian Resistance Strikes ‘israeli’ Occupation Forces Painfully in Gaza Enclave

One day after the Israeli enemy’s premier Benjamin Netanyahu frustrated the diplomatic attempt to end the Zionist war on Gaza, the Palestinian resistance fighters dealt a major blow to the occupation forces in Kerem Abu Salem area, Gaza enclave.

Two Zionist soldiers were killed, and seven others were injured, including one serious, in a missile attack launched by the Palestinian resistance on an Israeli military facility in the area.

Al-Qassam Brigades, in collaboration with Al-Quds Brigades, bombarded Zionist forces stationed in the ‘Netzarim’ axis with short-range ‘107’ rockets. Israeli helicopters reportedly carried the injured soldiers into the hospitals.

Israeli occupation soldiers

On the other hand, Netanyahu said that he would never accept a deal that lets Hamas return to endanger the Israelis, expressing distrust in the US promises in this regard and indirectly acknowledging responsibility for frustrating the Egyptian proposal.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at the cabinet meeting (July 17, 2023).

Hamas Movement announced that its negotiation delegates left Cairo in order discuss the outcomes of the latest round of talks with their command.

Hamas Chief Esmail Haniyeh said that the whole world has been taken hostage by the extremist Israeli government which suffers numerous political problems and shows a huge extent of criminality in Gaza.

Haniyeh added that the Movement is still keen on concluding a deal that halts war and secures a serious prisoner exchange.

Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas’ Politburo Chief (photo from archive).

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