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Palestinian factions call for widespread massive campaign to halt aggression on Gaza

The Palestinian factions called on Arab and Muslim governments to take urgent action and exert political pressure at the international level to halt the Israeli aggression and confront displacement plans.

In a statement on Thursday, the factions called on the Palestinian people, the Arab and Muslim countries, the free people of the world and advocates of human rights and justice to mobilize and take to the streets in a widespread massive campaign to put an end to the Israeli aggression and to thwart its plans of genocide and starvation.

The factions called for declaring Friday as a global day in solidarity with the Palestinian people in all Arab and Muslim countries, and for Saturday and Sunday as global days in support of the Palestinian people in all European and Western countries, Latin American countries, and East Asia.

The Palestinian factions also stressed that “the force of the masses and activism around the world is capable of creating pressure and bringing about change that would end the Israeli Nazi-Zionist terrorism.”

The factions’ statement urged the Palestinians to adhere to unity and steadfastness, calling on parties and parliamentary unions around the world to shoulder their responsibilities towards the Palestinian people who are subjected to the most horrific massacres, crimes, and devastating wars.

The statement hailed the resilience of the legendary Palestinian people, their support and embrace of the resistance, calling on the citizens in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and the 1948 occupied Palestine to escalate confrontations and clashes with the Israeli occupation forces.

The factions concluded their statement by praising the performance of the valiant resistance on multiple fronts, especially in Lebanon, Yemen, and Iraq, calling for continuing resistance actions until the end of the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people.

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