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Pakistan city shuts down in protest over alleged vote rigging and inconclusive election results

Shops and public transport services in Pakistan's southwestern city of Quetta came to a standstill on Tuesday (February 13), as local political parties called for a city shutdown in protest against an inconclusive election marred by accusations of vote rigging.

Shops in local markets remained shuttered for the third day and residents were lamenting the lack of public transportation.

The Feb. 8 vote was marred by a mobile internet shutdown on election day and unusually delayed results, leading to accusations that it was rigged and drawing concern from rights groups and foreign governments.

Pakistan’s two largest political parties were on Monday (February 12) wrangling over who will be prime minister after an inconclusive election last week forced them to join forces and try to form a coalition in a parliament dominated by independents. The squabbling is likely to deepen concerns about the stability of the nation which is mired in an economic crisis and battling a surge in militant violence.

(Source: Reuters)

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