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One Palestinian martyred by Israeli shelling of Nasser Medical Complex, Khan Yunis

Occupied Jerusalem, SANA- The Israeli occupation shelled once again al-Amal Hospital and Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Yunis city, southern Gaza Strip, causing the martyrdom of one Palestinian, in addition to huge material damage.

“The occupation forces targeted orthopedic department in Nasser Complex, claiming the lives of the wounded and injuring several patients”, Palestinian Health Ministry said in statement.

The Ministry added that oxygen tube was damaged, in the Israeli aggression, causing a leak which led to a decrease in oxygen pressure in the complex, especially intensive care department, endangering the lives of patients.

In turn, Palestinian Red Crescent Society said the Israeli occupation forces targeted the vicinity of al-Amal Hospital, causing material damage to the building, and they targeted residential buildings in the vicinity of the hospital.

Those besieged inside Nasser Complex appealed for urgent international act to rescue them, calling on the Red Cross to help them and ensure the safety of medical staff and dozens of wounded who are in critical condition.

Rafah al-Allouni/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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