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Nasrallah says to continue border battle against Israel

 Hezbollah’s Secretary General, Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah is delivering  a televised speech on Monday.

Nasrallah at the start of his speech reiterated condolences and felicitations to the noble family of martyr Badreddine, offering condolences and congratulations to the families of the martyrs claimed during the current battle with the Zionist enemy.

He also asked Holy God to grant the injured on all the military fronts against the Israeli enemy a speedy recovery.

The Hezbollah leader further greeted the fighters showing bravery, steadfastness and sacrifice in the face of the Zionist enemy during the current battle.

Martyrdom of Sayyed Badreddine in Syria contributed to its victory against the terrorist war, he also said, adding that “Thanks to the sacrifices of all martyrs, Syria managed to emerge victorious and preserve its pro-resistance stance.”

“Gaza steadfastness in face of the Zionist war has revitalized the Palestinian cause all over the world,” continued Nasrallah, adding that “Israeli envoy’s act of shredding a copy of UN Charter over a vote in favor of Palestinian rights displays the Zionist arrogance.”

“Israeli UN envoy’s act of raising the photo of Hamas military commander Yahya Al-Sinwar confirms the Palestinian victory,” added Hezbollah’s leader.

“None in the Zionist entity is capable of claiming victory in Gaza eight months since the start of the war,” added Nasrallah, further saying that “Israelis mock Netanyahu when he says the occupation army is about to achieve victory in Gaza.”

“30% of Zionists now believe the entity is unsuitable for a decent life, according to Israeli polls,” he further said, adding that, ‘Israel’ has also failed to reconstruct the deterrence image in face of the entire resistance axis.”

“Israel’ is facing a major dilemma in Gaza- stopping war means defeat and continuing war leads to the abyss,” he highlighted,

“Pro-Zionist Arabs utilize the numbers of martyrs in Gaza to promote surrender instead of denouncing the Israeli criminality,” he said, adding that, “Hamas approval of the Egyptian ceasefire proposal shocked Netanyahu and made the US officials swallow their tongues.”

“Hezbollah will continue its border battle against the Israeli enemy in support of Gaza,” he continued to stress.

The Hezbollah leader went on to say that “All the Lebanese parties believe that the displaced Syrians file is problematic,” adding that the USA and Europe are responsible for preventing the displaced Syrians in Lebanon from returning to Syria.

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