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Massive destruction, hundreds of martyrs and wounded in al-Shifa complex, Gaza city

Occupied Jerusalem, SANA- Israeli occupation forces committed new crimes in al-Shifa Medical Complex before withdrawing on Monday at dawn.

The complex went out of service as its sections were burned and completely destroyed, while dozens of houses in its vicinity were damaged

Palestinian media outlets said the occupation forces burned the buildings and houses surrounding the complex, then they withdraw on Monday at dawn towards southwest of Gaza, amid opening heavy fire after sieging the complex for two weeks, leaving massive destruction behind them.

The occupation completely destroyed several floors in the complex and burned the rest of the floors, in addition to destroying all medical equipment, according to medical sources there.

Hundreds of Palestinians flocked to the complex to rescue more than 100 Palestinians who were detained by the occupation inside the complex in inhumane conditions including 40 patients and wounded people and approximately 60 medical personnel.

Rafah al-Allouni/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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