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Mais Al-Jabal Bids Farewell to Two Martyrs: Hezbollah Affirms ‘israel’ Will Pay Price of Targeting Civilians

A massive funeral was held on Monday in the southern town of Mais Al-Jabal, which borders occupied Palestine, to mourn two of the four martyrs claimed by a Zionist air raid on a residential area in the village.

Mai Ali Youssef Ammar and her son, Mohammad Hanika, were killed along with the father Fadi Hanika and his son Ahmad Hanika as a result of an Israeli air raid that on the family home on Sunday in Mais Al-Jabal.

The mourners held the two coffins from the house of the family and crossed the town’s streets into the main square where the death prayer was performed to bless the souls of the martyrs.

Member of the Loyalty to Resistance parliamentary bloc, MP Ali Fayyadh, said that the Israeli enemy committed its crime in Mais Al-Jabal although its drones can identify the civilian nature of the target.

MP Fayyadh held the Israeli enemy responsible for attacking the civilians in South Lebanon, stressing that Hezbollah has the right of responding to any Israeli attacks on Lebanese civilians.

Hezbollah lawmaker indicated that the enemy’s goals are exposed, adding that its attempts to escape failures are doomed to failure exacerbated by the pressures exerted by the North settlers, Gaza prisoners families and the US universities protests.

Finally, MP Fayyadh confirmed that the Israeli enemy would be certainly defeated and that Mais Al-Jabal would remain one of the resistance dens.


In response to the crime, Hezbollah bombarded with dozens of missiles Zionist settlements and military sites in northern Palestine and Golan Heights.


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