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Leader Imam Khamenei: Victory of Gaza is Certain

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Ummah and Oppressed Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei has urged Islamic countries to end...

In a meeting with the organizers of the National Congress for the Commemoration of the 24,000 Martyrs from Tehran on Tuesday, Ayatollah Khamenei said it is in the hands of the officials of Islamic countries to “cut off the vital arteries to the Zionist regime.”

“Islamic countries must cut off their political and economic relations with the Zionist regime and not help this regime,” he said.

He criticized the performance of the officials of Islamic countries concerning the Zionist regime’s ongoing war on Gaza, saying that some of their positions about the issue are misguided.

An issue such as the ceasefire in Gaza, he continued, is beyond their control and is in the hands of the “wicked Zionist enemy.”

“The officials of Islamic countries must act on issues that are in their power,” said the Supreme Leader, referring to the severance of ties with the occupying regime.

“The victory of the people of Gaza is certain, and God Almighty will show this victory to the Islamic ummah in the not-too-distant future, when the hearts of Muslims, especially the people of Palestine and Gaza, will be filled with joy,” he added.

The Israeli regime waged the war on Gaza on October 7, after the Palestinian resistance carried out a surprise operation into the occupied territories in retaliation for the regime’s ceaseless atrocities against the Palestinian people.

So far, more than 25,000 people, mostly women and children, have been killed in the Zionist regime’s bloody war on Gaza and many more have been injured.

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