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Late Imam Khomeini commemorated in Pakistans Karachi

A ceremony was held in the Pakistani city of Karachi Sunday to commemorate the 35th death anniversary of the late Imam Khomeini, founder of the Islamic Revolution.

The ceremony was organized through the efforts of the general consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Karachi on Sunday.

A large number of Pakistani citizens as well as Iranians residing in the city took part in the ceremony.

Local officials in Pakistan also attended, while a number of Pakistani poets recited their poems in praising late Imam Khomeini.

Hassan Noorian, Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Karachi further addressed the ceremony and shed light on the efforts that the late Leader of the Islamic Revolution made for the sake of oppressed and impoverished people in the world.

“The followers of the Imam and the lovers of the Islamic Revolution today in the region, including in Pakistan, continue his path and the thoughts of this great leader of the Islamic world,” Nourian said.

He emphasized that “The thoughts of Imam Khomeini are inspiring and he became a role model for todays generation and even future generations.”

Next, Nourian read parts of the recent letter of Ayatollah Khamenei, the current Leader of the Revolution, to the American youth ans students who support Gaza people in their universities.

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