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Israel’s atrocities at Shifa Hospital illustrate military chaos, confusion: Hamas

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas says Israel’s new raid on al-Shifa Hospital underlines the regime’s “confusion and hopelessness” in achieving its goals in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Hamas said on Monday the regime “has committed a new crime” by directly targeting al-Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza City on Monday morning “without caring about the patients, medical staff and displaced people in it.”

It said “crimes” being committed by the regime are “an expression of its confusion and loss of hope in achieving any military achievement other than targeting defenseless civilians.”

Hamas criticized the international community and the United Nations for inaction, which, it said, was a green light to the regime “to continue the war of genocide and ethnic cleansing” in Gaza.

The resistance group urged international institutions to fulfill their responsibilities and protect the remaining medical facilities in the Palestinian territory.

The regime’s forces started an overnight raid on the hospital, Gaza’s largest, which has sheltered thousands of Palestinians who fled the war in northern parts of the territory.

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