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Israeli Occupation Presses on with West Bank Oppression: Martyrs and Arrests

On Saturday morning, the West Bank region witnessed a surge in military activity by the Israeli occupation forces, leading to a series of arrests and intense confrontations with Palestinian resistance fighters.

In Jericho, specifically the Ain Sultan camp, two young men named Hassan Abu Siris and Hatem Al-Sarfandi were apprehended by occupation forces after raids on their residences.

Tensions escalated in the Ain al-Sultan camp as young Palestinians clashed with the occupation forces, responding to the incursion into their camp. Armed clashes broke out between the occupation forces and Palestinian residents in the village of Deir Abu Daif, east of Jenin.

The Israeli occupation forces killed a young man identified as Qassam Ahmed Abdel Karim Yassin. Medical sources at Ibn Sina Hospital reported that the young man succumbed to severe injuries sustained from live rounds fired by the occupation forces.

Despite attempts by medical personnel to save his life during emergency surgery, their efforts were unable to prevent the tragic outcome. The Palestinian Red Crescent Society confirmed that one of its ambulance crews had been dispatched to Deir Abu Daif in response to reports of a serious live-bullet injury.

The village had been subject to a military raid and closure of its entrances by occupation forces the previous evening, resulting in confrontations and stone-throwing incidents targeting occupation vehicles.

Furthermore, the occupation forces’ presence was amplified near the villages of Al-Jalama, Arana, Beit Qad, Jalqamous, and Jalboun in the Jenin District, intensifying the military presence in the region.

Source: Al-Manar English Website and Palestinian media

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