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Israeli missile attack on southern Syria injures soldier

The Israeli regime has carried out a fresh missile attack against Syria, this time targeting the Arab country’s southern areas and injuring one soldier.

The attack was reported by the Syrian defense ministry, which specified its precise timeline as 00:42 local time on Sunday (21:42 GMT on Saturday).

“The Israeli enemy launched an air aggression from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan [Heights], targeting a number of points in the southern region,” it said in a statement.

“Our air defense intercepted the aggression’s missiles and shot down some of them. The aggression resulted in one soldier being injured and some material losses,” it added.

Syria and the Israeli regime are technically at war due to the latter’s 1967-present occupation of the Golan.

The regime has carried out hundreds of attacks against the country after 2011, when the Arab nation found itself in the grip of rampant foreign-backed militancy and terrorism.

Tel Aviv has significantly ramped up the strikes since last October, when it began a genocidal war against the Gaza Strip, in what has been described by observers, as a reckless bid threatening to fan tensions throughout the region.

Most recently, the regime staged an airstrike against a suburb of the Arab country’s capital of Damascus late last month, similarly causing some material damage.

Syria confronts Israeli airstrike near Damascus: Report

Syria confronts Israeli airstrike near Damascus: Report

The Syrian military reportedly confronts an Israeli airstrike on a suburb of the Arab country

Also last month, at least three people were killed when an Israeli unnamed aerial vehicle carried out a strike against the western Syrian province of Homs, close to the border with Lebanon.

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