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Israeli media:120,000 more Israelis now within Hezbollah’s range of fire

Israeli media highlighted early Monday the recent increase in Hezbollah’s firepower against Israeli targets and its impact on the Israeli military and settlers, indicating that 120,000 additional Israelis are now within the Lebanese Resistance group’s range of fire.

A report on the Israeli website Ynet mentioned that in the city of Nahariya, in northern occupied Palestine, Israeli settlers rushed to shelters three times Sunday as a drone crash sparked fire, while in Akka, sirens sounded for the third consecutive day. In Katzrin, fires erupted following a barrage of rockets.

The report explained that, for months, Nahariya and Akka were relatively calm, compared to other areas. Nahariya saw five consecutive months – from November to April – without sirens, while Akka enjoyed four months – from late December until the end of April – of calm.

But in recent days, this reality has changed after a drone fell in Nahariya, marking the first time the city has been hit since the opening of the northern front.

The Israeli occupation military confirmed that there were several failed attempts to intercept the drone, and a fire broke out as a result of the crash and not from interceptive shrapnel.

“There’s no war in the north. Now they’ll say it fell in an unpopulated area,” one Israeli settler was quoted as sarcastically saying.

Meanwhile, in Akka, sirens sounded for the third consecutive day, and on Saturday drone shrapnel was spotted in the city.

The report pointed out that Nahariya and Akka are not the only large population centers recently hit by Hezbollah’s firepower. It highlighted that Katzrin, the largest settlement in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, was shelled with a barrage of rockets that caused fires in multiple locations.

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