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“Israeli” kills 100 Palestinians waiting for aid in Al-Rashid Street in Gaza

Occupied Jerusalem, SANA- At least 100 Palestinians were martyred and hundred others were injured in a massacre committed by Israeli occupation forces in al-Rashid Street against civilians waiting for aid in Nabulsi roundabout west of Gaza.

“Thousands of Palestinians gathered in Al-Rashid Street waiting for trucks that carrying aid, where they were targeted by shells and bullets by occupation tanks, causing at least 100 martyrs and about a thousand injuries”, Palestinian media reported.

Survivors of the massacre confirmed that the occupation tanks directly targeted them with shells and bullets as they approached the trucks carrying aid, while others were subjected to sniping while carrying bags of flour mixed with their blood.

The number of victims of Israel’s ongoing aggression for the 146 day on stricken Gaza exceeded 30 thousand martyrs  after today’s Nablus roundabout massacre.

Fedaa al-Rahai

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