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Israeli drone strike kills, injures dozens of internet seekers in Gaza

An Israeli drone strike has hit a gathering of civilians trying to connect to the internet on the Jalaa street in Gaza City, killing and injuring dozens of people. 

At least three bodies arrived at Ahli Arab Hospital, the Palestinian Wafa news agency reported on Wednesday.

Three other citizens were killed and several others injured after the Israeli occupation targeted a civilian vehicle in the northern Gaza Strip.

The Press TV correspondent said the reconnaissance aircraft targeted at least one vehicle with a missile in the Faluga area, west of the Jabalia camp. 3 people were killed.

Several citizens were also killed and injured as a result of the occupation bombing of a residential building belonging to the Zein family in Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip.

Gaza ‘flour massacre’ textbook case of Israel’s war crimes and cover-ups

Gaza ‘flour massacre’ textbook case of Israel’s war crimes and cover-ups

The ‘flour massacre’ in the southwest of Gaza City, which killed at least 116 Palestinians, is a textbook case of the Israeli regime’s genocidal war crimes and cover-ups.

Israel’s genocidal campaign has killed over 35,200 people in Gaza since October 7, 2023.

The regime’s attacks have several times targeted aid seekers in Gaza. In March, scores of Palestinians were killed in what became known as the “flour massacre.”

Last month, an attack in the Sheikh Ridwan neighborhood in Gaza City killed at least 12 people trying to get an internet connection.

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