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Israeli Aggression Continues: 3 Martyrs and 9 Injured in Bombing of Jenin’s Eastern Neighborhood- Video

The city of Jenin and its camp in the West Bank have been under continued aggression from the occupation forces since Tuesday dawn, resulting in devastating casualties. Last night, three citizens tragically lost their lives and nine more sustained moderate to severe injuries in a drone bombing that targeted the eastern neighborhood of Jenin. This attack brings the total number of martyrs to eleven.

Media sources have reported that the occupation forces have also stormed several towns and cities, including Jamma’in and Azmut in the Nablus governorate, Bethlehem, Beit Fajjar, the outskirts of the Qalandiya camp, and Al-Jib. These incursions have led to the destruction of homes, the detainment of residents, and widespread havoc.

The occupation forces have used excessive force, firing more than 5 shells towards besieged houses and demanding citizens to evacuate their homes for interrogation. By raiding the neighborhood’s homes, searching and tampering with their contents, the occupation forces have incited violent clashes with the citizens. They have fired bullets and poisonous tear gas, causing further harm to both individuals and property. In response to the escalating situation, new occupation military reinforcements have been sent to Jenin and its camp.

In a separate incident, an Israeli missile struck and demolished a barber shop owned by Uday Jalamneh in the Jenin camp, resulting in complete destruction and fire. The occupation forces have also intensified their raids on citizens’ homes, resulting in the arrest of more than 500 people over the past two days. The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club has expressed concerns over the abuse against these detainees.

The occupation’s destructive actions extend beyond Jenin, as an occupation bulldozer caused significant damage to the infrastructure at the entrance to the town of Silat al-Harithiya, west of Jenin.

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