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Israeli Aerial Attack Intercepted by Syrian Air Defenses in Damascus Countryside

Syrian air defenses successfully shot down hostile targets in the vicinity of Yabroud in the Damascus countryside early Tuesday. The attack, confirmed by a Syrian military source, was carried out by Israeli occupation forces from the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, targeting various military points.

The swift response from Syrian air defense systems managed to intercept several Israeli missiles, downing a number of them. There were no reported human casualties, with losses limited to material damages.

Reports of explosions in the skies surrounding the Syrian capital had initially raised alarm among residents. These recent developments follow a similar incident just a few days ago when Syrian air defenses repelled an Israeli aggression directed towards the Qalamoun Mountains and the town of al-Qastal in the Damascus countryside.

Witnesses in the Qalamoun area, near the city of Nabek to the north of Damascus, reported hearing successive explosions. In that previous attack, the Israeli aerial aggression originated from the occupied Syrian Golan Heights and targeted locations in the southern region. One soldier sustained injuries as a result of the aggression, in addition to the material losses incurred.

The Syrian authorities are closely monitoring the situation and assessing the damages caused by these attacks on their military installations.

Source: Al-Manar Website and SANA

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