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Israel gave ‘negative’ response to Hamas’ proposal for Gaza truce: Official

A senior Hamas official says the resistance group showed “flexibility” in formulating its latest proposal for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, but Israel provided a “negative” response to the offer.

Osama Hamdan, a Lebanon-based Hamas official, made the remarks at a news conference in Beirut on Wednesday, as a new round of talks, involving Egyptian, Qatari and US mediators, is underway in Doha aimed at securing a Gaza truce deal.

“The movement responded to the demands of the mediators … and showed flexibility that paves the way for an agreement,” he said.

However, he added, the mediators “informed us of the occupation’s position on the proposal… It is a negative response in general and does not meet the demands of our people and resistance…It even retreats from” previous agreements.

Hamdan also said that Israel is procrastinating “to hamper negotiations and, perhaps, lead them to a dead end.”

Israel escalates its aggression in Gaza with the beginning of every round of ceasefire negotiations in a bid to gain advantage at the negotiating table, he noted.

“We reiterate that what the occupation has not achieved through the military battle and the crime of genocide, it will not achieve with political tricks and negotiation games.”

The Hamas official further held “criminal” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his “terrorist” cabinet, and all the supporters of the bloody Gaza onslaught responsible for the failure of efforts aimed at achieving a prisoner exchange deal.

He also called on the administration of US President Joe Biden to stop sending weapons to Israel and providing the occupying regime with economic and financial support.

“Our people, with their patience, steadfastness, and sacrifices, and our resistance with its bravery, strength, and competent management of this battle, will not allow this Nazi enemy and its fascist regime” to make up for their losses in Gaza through political games and prolonging the truce negotiations, he emphasized.

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